A New Era has been born, the old are coming back to teach the new. What path do you follow? An worn down old one or unclear new one?
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 Rules and Regulations of Old Animas [UNFINISHED]

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations of Old Animas [UNFINISHED]   Fri Sep 09, 2016 5:33 am

All sites have their own rules and regulations that need to be followed, Old Animas is no different. You get 3 strikes and you're out so I expect good behavior from my members. I want this place to grow and be a fun community. Therefore I will not put up with people's bullshit, I'm allergic to bullshit and would really rather not have my allergies act up. Understood? If you have and questions please feel free to pm Half Jack or any other member of the Staff.

General Rules

  • It is within our right as members of the Staff to change, add onto, or remove rules and regulations at any given time as long as we warn our members about rule adjustments.
  • It is within your right as members of this site that all content created by you will not be plagiarized in any shape or form. Ideas suggested to Old Animas are an exception.
  • When making your profile be aware that we only accept OOC Usernames. An example is that instead of my characters name (Rory) I would come up with an atlas. Mine would be Half Jack. You are free to choose your own "OOC Username". Please contact Half Jack if your confused.
  • Mature content is allowed! That means sexual and violent themes are allowed and can be written in explicit detail. We only ask that you rate your thread "M" for Mature if you with to do this.
  • Mild swearing is allowed however only through roleplay. Swearing should not be directed to anyone, but fictional characters. Damn, bastard, shit, etc are allowed in the CHATBOX, however fuck is prohibited in the CHATBOX. Failure to comply will result in a warning.
  • Old Animas is a semi-realistic roleplay site. Thus we allow unusual eye coloring or uncommon markings for characters. Exotic markings and eye coloring must be purchased at the Old Adamake shop with our site currency PEARLS.
  • All members on this site will be treated with respect. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a warning. Failure to heed said warning will lead to a short ban from the site. Once the Staff see that you have learned your lesson we will unban you. If you ignore all our warnings you'll be permanently banned from the site.
  • You start off with one free character when you join. If you want more than one character you must purchase a character slot through the Old Adamake Shop via our site currency: PEARLS.
  • We encourage you do some kind of tracking system to keep track of your characters.
  • We encourage character banners, however don't have them go over the restrictions 500x180px. If you go over the size restriction you will be warned and have a 24 hour time limit to fix the size before we fix it ourselves.
  • Your only allowed one account on this site unless you purchase another one. Don't mistake this for a character slot!

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Rules and Regulations of Old Animas [UNFINISHED]
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