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 Mating, Pregnancy, & Adoption Guide

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PostSubject: Mating, Pregnancy, & Adoption Guide   Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:59 pm

Here is a guidebook for Mating, Birthing, Pregnancy, and Adoption. Please read it completely and throughly or there might be consequences!


  • Please refrain from graphic mating in your posts. You can do that through pm with your partner.
  • Since we are a semi-realistic site we have a breeding season. It is commonly known to be in winter, but you can also breed your characters in late autumn. Long as the Roleplay Information says breeding is a go than you may breed.
  • You don't have to have a mate in order to breed. You can breed with a random bitch in heat with their characters permission.
  • Rape is allowed long as both of you are okay with it.
  • Please post here with your partners name so we can keep track and keep records.
  • Characters need to be mature before breeding season. At the prime age of two for Wolves you can breed and produce offspring. As for cats you must be at least 2 or 3 years old!
  • If your wanting to be mates for life let your Alpha know so a ceremony can be held
  • Keep a realistic amount of posts before your characters become mates


  • After a successful breeding you'll need to make an offspring request. It is recommended to do this right away. Your request will remain pending until an admin looks over it. You can request here
  • An admin will do a dice roll to see how many offspring you will be having and their genders. You do not have to do a dice roll if you plan on paying the size of your litter and their genders.
  • As soon as your pup request is approved your automatically pregnant. You'll be pregnant for 1 month in real life time and be given a due date. Any pups not adopted by your characters due date are considered "stillborn". You'll be refunded if you payed for your litter size.
  • It is recommended to make an adoption thread for your pups right away! Please keep this in mind.
  • A pregnant bitch will be relieved of their rank until their done weaning their pups
  • Be patient!
  • A staff member will warn you when your due date is nearing.
  • Pups are considered NPC's for the first week of life in real life time. They can be rped by the parents. After the first real life week is up they age up to 5 months old and can be rp'ed by their adopters.


  • Graphic and gory births are not allowed! Do that in pm if you wish.
  • Whiling giving birth try to keep it real. I.e. Contractions, the healer/shaman coming, emotions etc.
  • You can only give birth on your due date.
  • After the birth of all offspring in the pack a ceremony will be held.


  • Before you adopt someone your characters have to have interacted in some way!
  • If the adoptee is abused in any way (i.e. Verbal, physical, emotional, etc) by the adopter they will be removed.
  • You must be committed to the adoption, no backing out last minute.
  • If you have a character that needs to be adopted post your thread under the "Adoption" board.

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Mating, Pregnancy, & Adoption Guide
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